Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Paleo on the Road

highway signsSo we're back from our vacation, a 14-hour drive each way. When you're on the road that long, you need to eat. I packed a few things, but I didn't anticipate 1) not having enough or 2) getting bored with the same foods. I started with a few cans of raw almonds and mixed nuts. Yummy, but high in calories, and eating the same thing gets old. I never got to the kale chips because I didn't want to stink up the car. Here are some options I found at the gas stations we hit along the way. For the most options, stop at a "higher end" convenience store like Race Way, Sheetz, Wawa or 7 Eleven. These chains carry a wider variety of snacking choices.

Hard-boiled eggs
These usually come in a 2-pack. Not necessarily as tasty as homemade, but what is at a gas station?

Seeds and nuts
You can almost always find small packages of salted cashews and sunflower seeds. I managed to find a big bag of pumpkin seeds for less than $2 at one stop. They were something different, they're full of protein, fat and essential minerals, and the bag lasted me for most of my trip. It never hurts to look and see what's there. Always check the label and make sure there's no sugar or any artificial ingredients.

Beef Jerky
This will work in a pinch. It contains sugar and (usually) soy sauce, but if you've got to eat, you've got to eat. Read the labels first. Jack Link's, which was once my favorite brand, has a lot of no-no ingredients. Oberto is made without artificial ingredients. Use your best judgment.

If you're driving this long, you're probably going to get tired. We used to grab cans of Red Bull or Rockstar, but I was much happier this trip with a nice cup of coffee and some whole milk. I still put a little sugar in it, but I am taking baby steps with this and cutting back gradually.

Fresh fruit and vegetables
Almost any better gas station will have apples, bananas and/or oranges available. In addition, I've also seen apple slices and baby carrots in the coolers.

Next time, I'm going to try to plan ahead and visit Amazon or a website like Paleo Food Mall and buy some stuff in advance. I didn't have that luxury on this trip, unfortunately.

Image via durhamskywriter/Flickr

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