Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yogurt is not my friend anymore

M&S Yogurt
One of the many positive aspects of eating Primal is the mindfulness I now have when it comes to food. Because I am eating mostly whole foods with no added ingredients, I know what agrees with me, and I know what doesn't. I now realize that wheat hurts my tummy like nothing else. But over the last few days, I've seen there's a potential new member of the Forbidden Foods club, and it makes me pretty sad.


I love dairy. Milk is tasty. I like cheese, ice cream, half and half and yogurt. In fact, Greek yogurt has helped me bridge the gap in my transition from a Standard American Diet to my new way of eating. Most mornings, I've been enjoying a cup of whole-milk yogurt, some almonds, a handful of berries and a teeny drizzle of honey.

Warning: TMI ahead!

But I've noticed over the last few days that the yogurt, um, wants to make its exit pretty quickly. Any way it can.

Hey, I warned you!

So I think it's time to leave the yogurt to my hubby and my little boy, and time to stock up on more eggs. I'll see how I do with small amounts of cheese on top of an entree or over my scrambled eggs. And I'm really, REALLY hoping I don't have to give up ice cream anytime soon. I've only been eating it about once a month recently, so I think I can keep it in my diet for now.

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