Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1st

Okay, so today is the day that EVERYONE is going hard on their resolutions and getting their butts back in the gym, eating Special K for breakfast and organizing their sock drawers. I am not exempt. I started out my day by pouring myself a nice big bowl of Quaker Oatmeal Squares. After counting calories on and off for the last several years, I get all excited over having permission from the Nutrition Facts to eat AN ENTIRE CUP of cereal. *woo hoo* I even had a BANANA! I am doing good.

I was a good girl and ate my breakfast without reading the paper or checking Facebook so my brain would register that I was eating, as the whole mindful eating theory goes. But because I have a 2-year-old, I have to pause every 15 seconds to tell him to stop making a mess with his cereal, to stop bugging the dog, to leave Daddy alone because he has a headache, and no, he can't have a sip of my coffee. Gah, I seriously cringe when I think of what that kid could do with some caffeine in him. It would not be pretty.

After an hour, I was hungry again. Dang. I ate my leftover scallion chicken and fried rice. Dang again.

And then after doing last night's dishes (we had friends over for New Year's Eve), I shined my sink. It's exactly what it sounds like. This is a FlyLady thing, which I know is kinda cryptic and weird if you don't follow her, and I will explain more about it later. But long story short, you are supposed to take a towel or dishcloth or whatever and shine your sink. Simple. Mine has more of a dull sheen today, but whatever.

shiny sink
This is not my sink. It is a shining (ha ha!) example of how it should be. Maybe later. (image MNicoleM/flickr)

Husband and I have to throw out our holiday candy tonight so we can get serious about the healthier eating. He is at Wendy's right now getting a Frosty for both of us. This does not bode well.