Monday, April 23, 2012

Pearsnapples Sauce

This morning, I woke up and weighed myself. I was so excited! I've lost 2 pounds since starting Paleo a week ago. And my jeans are falling off my butt all the time already. If that's not enough motivation for me to keep going, I also woke up on my own, feeling refreshed. I have a 2 1/2 year old. Anyone with a toddler has probably forgotten what that feels like. It was great! I went downstairs and spend some time with my husband before he left for work, and I made myself a microwave scrambled egg, some leftover chicken sausage from yesterday's breakfast, a handful of cherry tomatoes and some coffee.

Look at my FIU mug. See the paw, feel the claw! Go Panthers! What, no? OK, I'll stop.

Turns out though that the sausages (Johnsonville chicken sausages, apple flavored) aren't Paleo-friendly. Oh well, scratch those off any future shopping lists.

I also finished up the Crock Pot pear sauce I started last night. When I was at Harris Teeter this weekend, I found a nice big bag of 4 overripe organic Bartlett pears for $1. I started with this recipe from Money Saving Mom, but when I checked on the pears, they'd pretty much turned to water. I threw in a few Pink Lady apples and let them cook for a few more hours.

Mash 'em up with a potato masher...There, that's more like it.

Pearsnapples Sauce
- 4 ripe pears, peeled, cored and sliced
- 3-4 small sweet apples, peeled, cored and sliced
- Hearty sprinkling of cinnamon (eyeball it)
- 1 cup water

Throw fruit, cinnamon and water in a Crock Pot and cook on low for 3-4 hours or until fruit starts to fall apart. Mash with potato masher until you achieve the consistency you want. Eat warm (yum!) or cold.

I was hoping my son would eat it. He took a taste of it off my finger. He liked it! So I made him his own bowl. Of course, he took 2 bites and asked to get down from the table. Stinking toddlers. I thought it was pretty darn good and so did DH, so more for us then, picky baby!

I feel like I'm learning to cook all over again on Paleo. I have a pretty nice collection of great cookbooks, but when you throw out the recipes that call for potatoes, bread, rice or milk, you've only got a handful left to choose from. I threw together a Southwestern-style chicken and sweet potato dish. It was yummy, but it needs work before I publish it. Chicken breasts, bacon, sweet potatoes, onions, spices and some jarred salsa stirred in, with avocado on the side.

DH made it into hash and threw some fried eggs on top:

Well, back to the drawing board tomorrow. I have to pack for our upcoming road trip, and it will be interesting to see what we can eat when we're away from home. I hope I can post at least a few times while we're gone.

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